Charlotte Cote

We brought our first Texas Longhorns home in 2016 from Rhode Island of all places. It's one of my favorite memories. Being in Massachusetts we are surrounded by dairy farms and we didn't know that Longhorns could thrive here on our farm. We discovered the longhorn world one small step at a time. With some uncertainties we went to our first Longhorn sale. A mere 8 hours away in Culpepper Virginia. We were welcomed with open arms and felt that we found our people! We made friends across the country and we expanded our Texas Longhorn herd. We travel the country to different shows and enjoy the people just as much as the cattle . I serve on the marketing committee for the TLBAA and the beef committee as well. I am thrilled to be a part of the Texas Longhorn Heritage Foundation Board, I believe that the youth are the future of any industry.It is important to provide guidance and direction to help them lead the industry tomorrow! Our ability to help those in need within the Longhorn community is something to be proud of. Not only in what we can give but also in the impact it has on those who witness the benefits of what was given.

Amanda Danley

My passion for the Texas Longhorn began in 2016 when my husband Todd and I purchased two cows for our back pasture. We fell in love immediately and our herd grew from two to over a 100 almost overnight. As a family, we have been very active in the Longhorn world, participating in events such as Horn Showcase, sales, and futurities. Our children, Sarah and TJ, hit the show circuit hard and we all enjoy the time we get to spend with other breeders and exhibitors. Not only am I passionate about the breed, but also our Texas Longhorn youth. They are the future of the breed and need our support more than ever. I feel that our youth need a voice and I’m proud to be an advocate for them. I am on the World Show Steering Committee, serve as the West Texas Longhorn Association president, and have recently been elected the TLBAA Region 9 Director. I look forward to working with the Texas Longhorn Heritage Foundation board helping fellow breeders.

Scotty O'Bryan

My Texas Longhorn history dates farther back than I do. Being raised in South Dakota, we've always used the Longhorns as a functioning animal with a purpose. In the 1970's my grandfather was looking for calving ease cattle, and had happened to buy a Texas Longhorn bull. In turn that bull was registered to his name starting the OBryan's as TLBAA members. Through that relationship was a close friendship with the Marvis Hogan family, the original Haywire herd. My dad worked for Marvis and Baxter, and eventually purchased the last of the Haywire herd in the early 1990's. At that time our family were raising Longhorns strictly for calving ease bulls and to supply roping stock for my family's weekly team ropings at our arena. We would breed larger framed Longhorns to fit the commercial cattleman at the time, so transitioning into the TLBAA show circuit was an easy move. My brothers and I both showed in the northern affiliates and I was a TLBT Director. I had spent my summers with John T. Baker as a child, so moving to Texas post high school happened. Now, we are active in the show world and I believe showing (and winning) are strong motivators for our children to develop life goals. My children are fourth generation TLBAA/TLBT members. Our herd is known as Haywire, paying homage to my family roots in the breed. One thing as a youth I was lucky to be exposed to legends of our breed. It is my belief that while we are providing opportunity and growth for kids, exposure to the business (wo)men of the Texas Longhorn world will provide equally great stepping stones. My family were farming/ranching and being involved in the breed allowed them to be in the same room as many of the most successful people I've met. Being in a predominately sales career now, I can attribute my networking skills to skills I learned while growing up in the Texas Longhorn breed. The Heritage Foundation mission is one that I believe parallels with my life. While I love the breed, the breed has simply been a vehicle to goals. Due to my background, I have always believed our breed must have a function outside of nostalgia. I believe the Heritage Foundation is a representation of that. I love that we have helped breeders with medical debt, rebuilding barns, youth scholarships and more - many times it is the Texas Longhorn breed that is our only thing in common. The Texas Longhorn has historically, and continues to be, a breed that provides for America. I'm happy to be a part of a small part of that Heritage.

Justin Rombeck

At the age of 15, I became passionate about the Texas Longhorn Breed.  Since then it has become an obsession.  Now 25 years later my wife and I run a herd of Registered cattle operation as well as a commercial cattle program.   My parents and I started JBR Longhorns, LLC in 1997.  In 2007  I started Longhorn Opportunities, LLC, my consultation business that assists longhorn breeders. In 2020 Herdsman Legends Auctions, LLC, and the Legends Longhorn Sale and Futurity were created.  I am honored to serve on this board helping those in need and assisting the youth of our industry to help further their education.

Toni Stegemoller

10 years ago, my husband Larry and I bought some land near Glen Rose, Texas. We knew we needed some type of livestock in order to maintain the ag exemption on the property. After extensive research, we decided on Texas Longhorns. We did not personally know a single person that owned longhorns. So the decision was based on what we read about them being low maintenance compared to other breeds and our agreement that we loved the look. Since that time, we’ve learned so much and completely turned the herd over several times as our experience and knowledge regarding quality and marketability increased. We own a small herd now that we are comfortable maintaining by ourselves, near Cleburne, Texas. We strive to stay involved and have participated regularly in sales and futurities with consignments, sponsorships and futurity entries, as well as providing animals to youth showmen. One of our most important discoveries regarding Texas Longhorns, is the immense heart of the people involved in the industry. The TLHF is a great example of the kind of people that represent the Texas Longhorn family. This is my first official position on a longhorn affiliated board and I feel honored to have the opportunity.

Ray Bear Davidson

From 1970 to the early 2000s, I crisscrossed the country as the right-hand man to legendary Longhorn Auctioneer Eddie Wood, actively participating in every major sale in the Longhorn world.
Growing up, I was the kid running around Longhorn sales. At 18, I started working full-time for a Longhorn operation in Pennsylvania before relocating to Virginia in 2009. Since then, I've had the privilege of managing some of the most spectacular cattle in the breed, overseeing and contributing to some of the most remarkable sales in the industry's history, and collaborating with outstanding individuals.
In 2015, I founded Eastwind StockCo Consulting, a venture that has brought me immense joy by working with some of the most creative and exceptional people. Simultaneously, I began my tenure on the Texas Longhorn Heritage Foundation (TLHF) in 2015.
In 2022, fueled by my passion for connecting people with their interests, I embarked on a real estate career. Additionally, I proudly serve on the National Board of Directors for the National Wild Turkey Federation, a $70 million non-profit NGO, contributing to finance, marketing, and by-laws committees.
My commitment to giving back stems from the countless individuals who supported me throughout my journey. The TLHF serves as a beacon of reassurance, reminding us that in challenging times, we are not alone.